Spell Casting

Magic is weird and dangerous. Everything magical is alive. Magical items exist but spells are also themselves alive as written or inscribed words on objects.

Spells live as inscribed words and diagrams upon artifacts, spellbooks, relics, tablets, and mundane items. Spells take up 1 inventory slot. Even if copied into a single spellbook, each spell takes up 1 inventory slot.


  1. Holding the casting object, choose a spell. Make note of durations and ranges.
  2. Available Magic Dice (d6) are equal to your available burden slots up to a maximum of 5. Choose how many to invest. Some spells may note [dice] for the number of invested Magic Dice and/or their [sum].
  3. Roll. For each magic die that resulted in 4, 5, or 6, add a Spellburn to a burden slot. On a 1, 2, or 3, the magic die does not inflict a Spellburn. Spellburn occupies a burden slot and is removed like fatigue.
  4. On doubles, you suffer a mishap. On triples, you suffer a doom. Dooms accumulate. Refer to Mishaps and Dooms for more.

Magic Dice from Focuses

Focuses can grant magic dice. The dice is never expended. Some focuses may have additional effects.

Counterspelling with Magic Dice

To negate the effects of a spell, a character may attempt to counterspell by burning magic dice. Remove magic dice up to your max from your pool until dawn. The caster must make a CTRL save to succeed. On a success, the spell is negated. This is performed as a reaction to a spell as it is cast or on an ongoing effect of a spell.

Coven Casting

With a magical ritual and symbols (like string tied around fingers, rings, tattoos, etc), heretics may be bound together and share magic dice in a single pool. The caster suffers any spellburn taken. Any spellburn that goes past available burden slots instead hits CTRL. This forces a CTRL save against spellburn. On a fail, the caster is stunned until they receive care.

Heretics that follow different sources cannot coven cast together. Heretics that take certain boons may not coven cast.

Wild Magic

When casting magic, never be your main battery. Always use a buffer like a spellbook, artifact, focus, etc.

But if you must: You may use magic dice as a way to tap into the wild magic of the world. Describe an effect and choose a target, and the referee should adjudicate the results, which will be hazardous and may not work as expected, and mishaps and dooms will still apply as well and may become even worse.

Using a focus while casting wild magic will cause the effect to inhabit the focus rather than the caster. It may cause the focus to become dangerous, unpredictable, or otherwise unusable.