This SRD is a cobbled-together game in the folk tradition of homebrew gaming tables with various ideas, mechanics, inspirations, and philosophies borrowed (looted) from treacherous delves into blogs, forums, chat groups, adventures, and systems. A complete catalogue of those would be impossible due to the ephemeral nature of memory and the litigious natures of certain organizations who don’t even like to be mentioned.

This game is explicitly a remixing of Cairn with inspiration from the Mythic Bastionland playtest documents and rules and inspiration taken from other games and blogs:

What are we doing here?

This is mostly a formalization of some house rules I would like to test. Let me know if you try anything out and how it goes.

Note on Versioning

The versioning on SRD relates to the site as a whole.

Versioning for all of the campaigns was introduced with SRD version 0.3.

Since Heretics got its start on another site, it starts with version 0.9.

The other ones, I simplified to 0.1. In this way, I can track the changes made to individual games without falsely indicating that I made any changes to the main SRD framework.