Different kindreds make up the communities that live in Isurholm.

These kindreds start with special abilities or items based on their origins. Some have limited access to backgrounds, but every character can be an Adventurer.

Humans, breggles, mosslings, dwarves, and froglings make up the mortals. The fairy-kin are the grimalkins, swaplings, and woodgrues.

Only humans are stolen by Fairies (fae-taken) and replaced with swaplings.

Due to the lack of connection to the deities of mortals, fairy-kin do not typically become monastics, hexed witch-finders, or exorcists.

Due to their connection to forests and nature and aversion to metal, mosslings typically do not become barber-surgeons, clockmakers, or metalsmiths.

Due to their connection to forges, metal, and mines, and lack of connection to the woods, dwarrows typically do not become cunning folk, grove keepers, or woods wardens.

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