Martial Gear


There are four types of armor: shields, helmets, coats, and plates. One of each may be worn simultaneously. Each adds 1 point to a character’s armor score, to a maximum of 4.

Armor Price Notes Examples
Shield 5 +d4 to attacks, may be destroyed to avoid all damage from an attack Buckler, kite shield, pot lid
Helmet 5   Kettle, bucket, coif
Coat 25 (cloth), 100 (metal) Bulky Mail coat, gambeson, cloth
Plate 1,000 Bulky. Requires Coat underneath. Resting in extreme heat leaves a character deprived, but otherwise, sleeping in armor is totally fine. Soldiers did it all the time. Cuirass, breastplate, brigandine, splint, lamellar

Sundering Shields

When a character is hit by an attack and they carry a shield, they may choose to destroy the shield in order to avoid all damage.


weapon examples dmg price tag feat
unarmed   d4     brawler, bruiser
sling   d6 3 concealable bruiser
staff   d6 3   bruiser
hand axe   d6 4   strip shield, disarm, cleave
cudgel   d6 5 concealable bruiser
dagger   d6 5 concealable pierce, bleed
flail   d6 5   crush, disarm, push, lock up, flurry, shock, bruiser
javelin   d6 5 versatile aiming, push, reach
spear   d6 5 versatile aiming, push, reach
mace   d6 5   crush, cleave, shock, bruiser
short sword gladius, arming sword, broadsword, spatha, jian d6 10   parry, cleave, pierce, sweep
backsword sabre, cutlass, scimitar, falchion, machete, dao d6 10   parry, bleed, cleave, flurry, riposte, sweep
dueling sword rapier, side sword, smallsword, dress sword d6 10   parry, disarm, flurry, pierce, riposte, stall
hook sword   d6 10   parry, disarm, lock up, strip shield
short bow   d6 25 bulky aiming, rapid-fire
battle axe   d8 20   strip shield, disarm, sweep, flurry, brutal
thrusting sword estoc, tuck, koncerz, panzerstecher d8 40 versatile parry, armor-piercing, brutal, pierce
bastard sword   d8 40 versatile parry, brutal, cleave, riposte
long bow   d8 50 bulky rapid-fire, aiming
crossbow   d8 50 reload, bulky armor-piercing, aiming
polearm pole axe, glaive, lance, halberd d10 50 bulky pole-end, stall, sweep, push, reach
war hammer   d10 50 bulky crush, cleave, push, flurry, shock, bruiser
long sword zweihander, katana, claymore d10 100 bulky parry, brutal, riposte, stall, cleave
ammunition (Ud8) stones, arrows, bolts   10    
whetstone (Ud8)     6    

Unarmed and improvised weapon attacks usually inflict 1d4 damage. This may include using the pommel of your sword (even if it’s unscrewed and thrown).

Weapon Feats

From Block, Dodge, Parry by Dice Goblin

Weapon Mastery is achieved after inflicting Critical Damage on 5 foes in lethal combat. Once a PC achieves weapon mastery with a specific weapon, they may choose 1 Weapon Feat to gain. Each level of Weapon Mastery unlocks another Weapon Feat. So in order to train all 6 Weapon Feats for the katana, you will need 30 kills.

When picking up a different weapon with the same Weapon Feat (for example, a Sabre and a Scimitar both have Sweep), you’ll still need to gain Weapon Mastery for that weapon.

Weapon Feat Description Compatible Weapons
Aiming Spending a round aiming at a target enhances the attack on the next round, depending on the positioning and as long as you are not attacked. Spear, javelin, short bow, long bow, crossbow
Armor-piercing Always ignores 1 point of armor. Crossbow, thrusting sword
Bleed On 6+, if the target has taken STR damage, they take 1d4 STR damage at the start of their turn (does not cause a Critical Damage save). Dagger, backsword
Brawler Your unarmed strikes inflict d6 damage. Unarmed
Bruiser Attacks against enemies without armor inflict +d6 damage. Unarmed, sling, staff, cudgel, flail, mace, war hammer
Brutal On maximum damage, if the target takes STR damage, they are instantly killed without needing a Critical Damage save. Battle axe, thrusting sword, bastard sword, long sword
Cleave Immediately make another attack if you reduce the target to 0 or less GD. Does chain. Hand axe, mace, backsword, battle axe, bastard sword, war hammer, long sword
Crush The target’s armor (if it has any) is ignored the next time they are attacked. Flail, mace, war hammer
Disarm You may discard a roll of 6+ to disarm the target. Hand axe, flail, dueling sword, hook sword
Flurry You may take 1 Fatigue to inflict blast damage. Flail, backsword, dueling sword, battle axe, war hammer
Lock up You may discard a roll of 2+ to lock up the target’s weapon. While locked together, both fighters’ attacks with the locked weapons are impaired. Flail, hook sword
Parry Wielder ignores attack rolls of 1 and 2. Short sword, backsword, dueling sword, thrusting sword, bastard sword, long sword, hook sword
Pierce Inflicting 6+ damage ignores armor. No effect if attack is impaired. Dagger, dueling sword, thrusting sword
Pole-end Inflict +d6 damage whenever you roll an attack, representing the butt of your polearm. Polearm
Push Inflicting 6+ damage pushes the enemy back from close to nearby. Flail, javelin, spear, polearm, war hammer
Rapid-fire Spending a round preparing grants this weapon the blast property for the next attack, depending on the positioning and as long as you are not attacked. Short bow, long bow
Reach When attacked by a weapon without Reach, the attacker must roll higher than half their damage die or else you may attack first. You do not act with the other PCs if you choose to attack in this way. Javelin, spear, polearm
Riposte If an attacker rolls a 1 against you, your next attack against the attacker is enhanced. Backsword, dueling sword, thrusting sword, bastard sword, long sword
Shock On a 6+ (9+ for war hammer), the target must make a CTRL save or lose their next turn. Flail, mace, war hammer
Stall You may discard a roll of 4+ to prevent the target from fleeing. If they do attempt to flee, the attacker gets a free enhanced attack on the target, even if they pass the DEX save to retreat. Dueling sword, polearm, long sword
Strip shield You may discard a roll of 4+ to strip a shield away from a defender. Hand axe, battle axe, hook sword
Sweep Immediately make another attack if you roll maximum damage. Does not chain. Short sword, backsword, battle axe, polearm, long sword


Tags Description Compatible Weapons
Concealable Can be hidden on the body when searched. Sling, cudgel, dagger
Reload Requires 1 round to reload. Crossbow
Versatile Can be used with 1 or 2 hands. Grants +d when used 2 handed (roll 2 dice, highest = damage) Bastard sword, thrusting sword, spear, javelin
Bulky Takes up 2 slots and 2 hands. All bows and d10 weapons
Ud8 (usage die) After use (for ammo, after a combat; for whetstone, after 1 use), roll the usage die. On a 1, step the die down 1 size (from d8 -> d6 -> d4 -> 1). All bows, sling, whetstone

Sundering Melee Attacks

On a melee attack, a character may choose to destroy their weapon to add +d12 to the attack.


Whetstones have a usage die starting with d8. They can be used to sharpen bladed weapons. A sharpened weapon inflicts a minimum of 2 damage. When a 1 is rolled, it is bumped up to a 2. This effect ends once a fight is over or at the end of the day, whichever comes first. Sharpening a blade takes 10 minutes, or 1 exploration turn.

Abstract Ammunition

Ammunition can be abstracted as a usage die starting with a d8, representing any kind of ammunition. After combat using ammunition, roll 1d8. On a 1, the usage die is decremented until it is down to d4. On a roll of 1 on the d4, you have 1 combat worth of ammunition left and must resupply. The usage die abstracts tracking and recovering used ammunition. Some ammunition may not (in fiction) be recoverable.