Martial Gear

Armor, shields, and weapons have additional rules and specific costs whereas most common gear can be assumed to cost 1d10 (5) coins.


armor bonus slots placement cost
shield 1 1 1h (1 hand) 40
helmet 1 1 head 40
gambeson, padding, cloth armor 1 1 body 60
brigandine, lamellar 2 2 body 500
mail, scale 2 2 body 1,200
half plate, splint 3 2 body 4,000
full plate 3 2 body 8,000

Sundering Shields

When a character is hit by a melee or missile attack and they carry a shield, they may choose to destroy the shield in order to avoid all damage.


weapon dmg slots hands cost martial feat tags static tags dmg type
unarmed strike d4 0 n/a n/a     bludgeoning
bastard sword d8 1 1h or 2h 100 parrying    
battle axe d8 2 2h 100 tripping, shoving, sweeping, disarming   slashing, bludgeoning
bow d6 1 2h 50   far, aiming piercing
crossbow d8 2 2h 500 armor-piercing loading, far, aiming piercing
cudgel d6 1 1h 5   concealable bludgeoning
dagger d6 1 1h 50   concealable, subtle, thrown (nearby) piercing, slashing
halberd, pole axe d10 2 2h 100 double-edged, shoving, tripping reach piercing, slashing, bludgeoning
hand axe d6 1 1h or 2h 50   versatile, thrown (nearby) slashing, bludgeoning
long sword d10 2 2h 200 parrying, sweeping   piercing, slashing
mace, flail d6 1 1h or 2h 50 crushing, sweeping versatile piercing, bludgeoning
pick axe d6 1 1h 5     piercing
scythe d6 2 2h 50 tripping, sweeping   piercing, slashing
short sword d6 1 1h or 2h 50 parrying versatile piercing, slashing
sling d6 1 1h 5   concealable, far bludgeoning
spear d6 1 1h or 2h 50   versatile, thrown (nearby), reach (2h) piercing, bludgeoning
staff d6 1 1h or 2h 5   reach (2h), versatile bludgeoning
war hammer d10 2 2h 100 crushing, sweeping, shoving   bludgeoning

Improvised weapon attacks usually inflict 1d4 damage.

Sundering Melee Attacks

On a melee attack that hits, a character may choose to destroy their weapon to add +d12 to the attack.

Static Tags

  • Concealable: Can be hidden on the body when searched
  • Subtle: If an attack is done secretly or on a prone target, this inflicts +d12 damage
  • Versatile: This weapon may be used with 2 hands.
  • 2h: Roll 2 weapon die and take the higher result.
  • Thrown: This weapon can be thrown at the stated range.
  • Reach: The wielder can move away from an enemy while attacking. A wielder may hold their attack until approached by an enemy, at which point the wielder’s attack is triggered first. The weapon can reach over one creature to attack another.
    • The spear and staff only have the reach property when wielded with 2 hands even though they can also be wielded in 1 hand.
  • Loading: Requires 1 round to reload.
  • Far, nearby: Range for a ranged or thrown weapon.
  • Aiming: Spending a round aiming at a target enhances the attack on the next round, depending on the positioning.

Weapon Feats

You may choose to trigger a Weapon Feat under 2 circumstances:

  • As a gambit
  • As part of an attack. The attacker must make a saving throw (usually Dexterity or Strength) to avoid suffering a fatigue. Either way, the effect succeeds on the target.

If your weapon has multiple tags, choose only one to trigger.

  • Shoving: The attacker may shove the target back.
  • Tripping: The attacker may trip the target.
  • Parrying: The next attack against the attacker may be impaired.
  • Crushing: The target’s armor (if it has any) may be reduced to 0 the next time they are attacked.
  • Double-edged: The attacker may make another attack with the butt of the polearm, inflicting 1d6 damage. This extra attack cannot trigger double-edged.
  • Sweeping: The attacker may inflict half the damage (rounded up) onto an adjacent foe.
  • Armor-piercing: This attack may reduce the target’s armor by 1 point after damage is taken.
  • Disarming: The attacker may rip away a melee weapon or shield from the target.