Expedition Record

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This is a bare-bones record for adventure sessions kept by the referee. Real world date, in-world dates, those in attendance, locations of where the adventure took place, and any faction updates, accomplishments, or deaths will also be recorded here.

Party members may make their own recaps in the Discord channel. Those will be included here as an update. Anyone making a recap will get a free re-roll for use in the next session they appear in.

Session 1

1089 Reedwryme 1
Time Spent
1 day
Barrow of the Elf King
Nick as Marinera Pesto (human chef) with Linguini the Donkey
Stephen as Peet (grimalkin cunning) with Racecar the raccoon familiar
2024 May 4
The Mansion

Marinero and Peet arrived at the Barrow of the Elf King after hearing rumors of treasure. They escaped with their lives and

  • The Spider’s Blessing
  • A golden tusk
  • A brain
  • A crown of white branches

They rescued a green child Wugwort and intend to deliver her to her parents in the Fairy Bog, for which they will be rewarded with a Toad Steed.