You are an adventurer, seeking your fortune in the strange world you inhabit. Start with

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)

And then roll every die (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d100, 1d12, 1d20) below:

d4 Armor

  1. None
  2. Helmet
  3. Shield (+d4)
  4. Helmet, Shield (+d4), and Gambeson (bulky)

d6 Weapons

  1. None
  2. Dagger (d6) or Cudgel (d6)
  3. Spear (d6) or Handaxe (d6)
  4. Bastard sword (d8) or Sling (d6)
  5. Short bow (d6, bulky) or Crossbow (d8, bulky, reload)
  6. Long sword (d10, bulky) or War hammer (d10, bulky)

d8 Town Gear

  1. Sewing kit
  2. Mirror
  3. Bellows
  4. Large sponge
  5. Quill and ink
  6. Hourglass
  7. Wagon (+8 slots, slow)
  8. Grimoire (bulky) with 1 random spell

d100 Trinket

  1. Novelty Snuffbox (Shaped like an alligator, filled with the ashes of a loved one)
  2. Three travel documents (Different names, petty)
  3. Bloody apron (worn during your last honest job)
  4. Ruined animal pelt (taken from the first animal you hunted)
  5. Broken rusty sword (looted from a soldier you killed)
  6. Bandana (Gifted by a parent)
  7. Broken key (Given to you by a cousin who disappeared into Faerie)
  8. Religious Book (Family heirloom, hollowed out)
  9. Fuzzy plush duck (Quacks when squeezed)
  10. Two Glass Cups (Engraved with strawberries, replacements for your ex-roommate’s glasses which you broke)
  11. Loose Papers (Covered in sketches and notes of a dragon you once saw at a distance)
  12. Spool of Thread (Purchased to repair a coat the buttons of which always go missing)
  13. Blank scroll (A handwritten label attached reading, “Do not forget”)
  14. Ring (From a happy marriage, given willingly)
  15. Packet of Seeds (Your favorite fruit)
  16. Stirrups (Taken from a dead horse rider)
  17. Mug (From a bar that no longer exists)
  18. Conch Shell (From a beach that no longer exists)
  19. Bundle of sketches (Which your brother drew of Faerie)
  20. Broken pocketwatch (Stopped at the moment of your father’s death)
  21. Jar of glue (old but still usable, taken from your mother’s wood shop)
  22. Concert Tickets (Past date, you meant to go to it with your dad)
  23. Candle (Gold-foiled, half burned-down)
  24. Dried Flowers (Preserved in resin)
  25. Invoice from a healer (You don’t remember what you went for)
  26. Antique Coin (From a nation-state that no longer exists)
  27. Ocarina (Poorly-made, permanently out of tune)
  28. Medal of achievement from an academy that no longer exists
  29. Bookmark (Made of wood)
  30. Deck of Divination Cards
  31. Weathered figurine of a God (Long forgotten)
  32. A single playing card (From a game you lost)
  33. Waterlogged book (recovered from a shipwreck, mostly illegible)
  34. Bundle of pipe-weed (Lucky one sticking out)
  35. Wooden toy sword
  36. Lock of Hair (From a missing loved one)
  37. Jar of Teeth (Yours, mostly)
  38. Lucky Rabbit Foot
  39. Marble (Taken from a kid you bullied when you were young)
  40. Hand mirror (Heirloom)
  41. Empty glass bottle (From the bar you used to go to with your mentor)
  42. Prism (Refracts rainbows from light, but it’s missing blue)
  43. Dice Set (Loaded)
  44. Flute (Borrowed from a sibling who stopped playing)
  45. Bundle of Incense (Pungent)
  46. Fossilized Shell
  47. Friendship Bracelet (From a friend whose face you’ve long since forgotten)
  48. Burnt doll (recovered from your hometown)
  49. Straw doll, painted (sent as a plea to return home from your parents)
  50. Human skull (returns to your pack whenever you try to lay it to rest)
  51. Lyre (Sized for a child, but still playable)
  52. Chewing Tobacco (You promised to quit)
  53. Spyglass (Found in a shipwreck)
  54. Traveling papers (Caked in blood, belonged to a parent)
  55. Miner’s Gloves (Worn on the last honest job you had)
  56. Single Glove (Embroidered or stamped with a distinctive mark, given by a lover as they disappeared from your life)
  57. Comb (Used to brush your child’s hair)
  58. Treasure Map (Stolen off a pair of corpses who died entwined in a struggle)
  59. Hair pomade (Purchased for when you had to attend a fancy party)
  60. Perfume (Purchased for when you had to attend a fancy date)
  61. Shaving Kit (Stolen secretly from a barbershop)
  62. Fishing Rod (Found)
  63. Herbalist Kit (Assembled over years, includes random herbs)
  64. Weeping Statuette (Weeps crystals every full moon)
  65. Golden Disc (Etched with an arcane symbol you’ve not been able to interpret)
  66. Pouch of Sand (Recovered from a graveyard)
  67. Golden Spurs (Cherished)
  68. Magnifying Glass (Formerly paired with an encyclopedia)
  69. Bundle of sketches (Ghost you saw one night)
  70. Bundle of sketches (Monster you saw one night, but a stranger drew them)
  71. Brass knuckles (Bloodied)
  72. Bundle of Dead Letters (Found in a post office)
  73. Mortar and Pestle (Owned by a mentor)
  74. Wolfsbane
  75. String of Garlic
  76. Oversized holy symbol (Silver, valuable, gifted by a kind monastic who gave you refuge)
  77. Teapot
  78. Flowers Pressed in a Book (Found in the empty home of an elderly person who once gave you refuge)
  79. Bent sewing needle (A keepsake from your grandmother)
  80. Heavy Steel Orb (Found in a crater)
  81. Quilt Square (Torn off your cousin’s quilt)
  82. Corn Cob Pipe (Hand-made by you)
  83. Horseshoes (from your first horse)
  84. Mended trousers (sewn up by your grandfather)
  85. Potted Cactus (Name it. It is your faithful companion)
  86. Security Blanket (from the orphanage you grew up in)
  87. Bundle of Pencils (from the school you dropped out of)
  88. Jar of Pickled Limes (your favorite from childhood)
  89. Jar of Face Paint
  90. Pair of comfortable slippers (worn in, reminds you of nights telling ghost stories with your cousins, before they all disappeared one night)
  91. Empty Picture Frame (Shattered, no picture, inscription to you from a loved one written inside)
  92. Silver Spoon (Made for an infant)
  93. Toy Soldier
  94. Etiquette Manual (Filled with your notes)
  95. Scorched Doorknob (Only remaining piece of your previous home, destroyed in a fire)
  96. Cameo (A tiny portrait of someone who you suspect is your real father, recovered from your mother’s personal effects)
  97. Case of Buttons (Different sizes)
  98. Diary (Written in a foreign language you don’t recognize)
  99. Mummified Hand (In a pine box, stolen from an abbey)
  100. Dragon Scale (Iridescent)

d12 Adventuring Gear

  1. Rope 50 feet
  2. Pole 10 feet
  3. Crowbar
  4. Net
  5. Shovel
  6. Grease (10 uses)
  7. Caltrops (10 uses)
  8. Chalk (10 uses)
  9. Grappling hook
  10. Lockpicks
  11. Manacles
  12. Spellcasting Focus (+1 Magic Die, which does not contribute to Mishaps/Dooms)

d20 Camp Gear

  1. Tent (3-person, bulky)
  2. Lantern, Oil (10 uses)
  3. Cookpots
  4. Hunting trap
  5. Ladder 10 feet (bulky)
  6. Bedroll
  7. Bucket
  8. Fishing rod, lures (petty)
  9. Mortar & Pestle (1 slot)
  10. Random medicinal
  11. Coffee brewer
  12. Soap (petty)
  13. Whetstone (Ud8)
  14. Sack of salt
  15. Empty jug
  16. Magic ward
  17. Hunting dog
  18. Chicken
  19. Donkey
  20. Horse

Then go to Traits to round out the character.