Waypoints are an ancient technology from long before the Werriadi Empire. Instructions written in Woldish on the wall in the fourth floor describe how to use the waypoint to teleport to other similar waypoints on the island. It’s unknown who the translator was. The teleport function only teleports the user to other functioning waypoints. That is, they must be found before they can be linked.

Waypoints Discovered

  • Luden
    • Power source: Water wheel
    • Mapper: Broken
    • Bulletin Board: Working
    • Cache: Broken
    • Teleport: Broken

Structure of a Waypoint


Floor 1

  • Environmental Module: Provides fresh water and air.
  • Power Source.

Floor 2

  • Convalescence Room: 2 medical beds and storage (10 slots) for medical supplies.
  • Trapdoor to a balcony.

Floor 3

  • Two bunk beds (4 beds total).
  • Lounge and cooking hearth.

Floor 4

  • Mapper: Metal sphere with lenses which projects nearby geographical information and other linked waypoints. Projects information onto the wall using a camera obscura effect. The light source is unknown.
  • Bulletin Board: A wall of wax slates for recording information. You’ve gleaned that this information will be available to you in other waypoints.
  • Tables and chairs for planning.

Floor 5

  • Cache: Storage space that folds through space and time to link stored non-organic items among waypoints. 30 slots.
  • Transport: Teleports user between linked waypoints. When functional, the transporter requires a charge of magic from a relic (1 charge) or some other magic source.