The following table has 14 sample medicinals along with their application, effects, and recipes. Solvents can include oils, water, honey. Crafting any number of medicinals takes 1 watch. All medicinals are bundled (3 to a slot). For example, “Poultice 3/3”.

For creatures afflicted by diseases, combinations of medicinals below may be used to treat diseases, where sensible. Components can be combined in creative ways that the players or referee may determine is appropriate. New components may also be invented and combined for other medicinals.

Refer also to the Poison-Eater who brews and consumes toxic potions for additional ingredients and potions, and to the Herbalist’s Primer by Anna Urbanek.


When choosing starting equipment, roll 1d10, or choose from medicinals 1-10 and receive 3/3 of the medicinal.

1d10 Medicinal Usage Effects Recipe
  Wary nettle, smoked 1 round, smoked Exhale smoke. Puts 1d4 close creatures to sleep for 2 rounds on a CTRL failure. Inhale, induces sleep. Warynettle
  Anti-magic smoke 1 round, burned in censor or pit Suppresses close by magic for 1d4 combat rounds. Heartsbane (powdered), warynettle
  Devils sleep 1 round, drunk All attacks from victim are impaired for 3 rounds. Roll STR save or suffer 1d10 direct poison damage. Devilsgrace, warynettle, hot water (brewed)
  Heartsbane powder 1 round, eaten or drunk Inflicts 1d10 direct poison damage, coagulates blood, and kills creature after 1d4 hours. Heartsbane (powdered), devilsgrace (secretion)
1 Poultice 1 turn, applied to wounds Heals 1 STR damage. 2 of any of the following: Lionspaw, feverfew, sarnis hip; any solvent
2 Deadsalt 1 round, dashed at enemies or sprinkled in a solid circle (3 deadsalts) Dash: 1d4 undead targets must make a CTRL save or be turned. Circle: Prevents magic effects from affecting creatures inside the circle. Magical creatures (undead, fey, and outsiders) are prevented from crossing the circle Salt, ground flint moss
3 Darksight salve 1 round, applied to eyes Enables darkvision for 1d4 turns. Sightleaf, solvent
4 Courage tea 1 round, drunk Grants an additional 1d4 Guard or stabilizes a drinker that is bleeding out. Removes effects of fear. Sarnis hip, hot water (brewed)
5 Antitoxin 1 round, drunk Causes drinker to expel toxin from body quickly. Drinker suffers 1 fatigue. Honeyfoil, sarnis hip, hot water (brewed)
6 Mossbomb 1 round, lit and tossed (nearby range) Explodes, inflicting d6+d6 bludgeoning damage and starting a fire in a zone. Flint moss, guano, container, fuse
7 Wary tea 1 round, drunk The drinker senses the presence of nearby undead, fey, and other outsiders for 1 turn. Sightleaf, warynettle, hot water (brewed)
8 Focus smoke 1 round, smoked Inhaled, smoker’s ranged attacks are enhanced for 1d4 rounds. Sightleaf (ground), devilsgrace (secretion), starcomb
9 Restoring poultice 1 turn, applied to wounds or eaten Heals 3 STR or stabilizes creature that is bleeding out. Heartsbane (powdered), lionspaw, feverfew, any solvent
10 Consecrating powder 1 action, sprinkled in a circle or over a threshold Consecrates a space bound by the circle (10 uses) or walls and thresholds (1 use); undead and outsiders have their attacks impaired after crossing this threshold Heartsbane (powdered), salt, warynettle (powdered)


If it would not make sense for a component to exist in an environment, the player should roll again.

Herb, Fungus Appearance and properties
Salt Salt. Cures meat
Warynettle Spiky seed. Sleep inducing
Heartsbane (fungus) Red powdery fungus. Blood coagulant, toxic
Sightleaf Leafy green herb. Heightens sight
Sarnis hip Pink and orange arcing petals, flower. Anti-inflammatory
Lionspaw Leafy green herb. Anti-inflammatory
Feverfew White petal flower. Reduces fever
Honeyfoil Broad green leafy herb, orange pistils. Expectorant
Devilsgrace (fungus) Purple mushroom cap, secreting black liquid. Sleep-inducing, toxic
Starcomb Brown conical seed. Heightens all senses
Quick weed Black and green leafy plant. Heartening, heightens senses
Flint moss Dry stringy moss. Flammable