You have trained your body to metabolize forbidden potions. The poisons have made your flesh and eyes strange and uncanny. People fear and hate you, but come begging when a monster troubles them.

  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Bastard sword d8
  • Herbalism kit
  • Gambeson (1 armor, bulky)

What was the most dangerous quarry you’ve faced?

  1. A wraith haunting a house. Start with Encircling Shroud (1 charge, relic). When you throw this on or under a ghost or similar creature, they may be affected by mundane weapons. Recharge: Wrap a corpse in it overnight.
  2. A werewolf. The man was embarrassed after coming to his senses. Start with silver-cloud bombs (d6 blast, cloud that blocks magical effects and powers, 3 uses).
  3. A cursed princess. Just a matter of trial and error of sorting out superstitions from truths. Start with Purge (3 uses, removes all fatigue incurred by drinking potions and negates all potion effects). Recipe: Black hellebore, heal-all, lily of the valley.
  4. A gang of deserters terrorizing people on the road. Straightforward. They had it coming. Start with Mortal Venom (apply to sword, first 3 attacks are enhanced, 3 uses). Sword oils are made from monster or animal fat and a poisonous herb.
  5. A giant spider causing a nuisance for people coming to pay their respects in a crypt.
  6. You have slain no monsters yet. Count yourself lucky. Start with a chain coat (1 armor, bulky, can be layered with gambeson).

What injustices have you witnessed and what potion is your specialty?

  1. In war-ravaged lands, you have come across opportunists, both monsters and humanoid. Take Deep Poison (3 uses): When bitten by an attacker (STR damage), the attacker suffers the same as STR damage. Lasts 6 rounds. Recipe: Corpse-eater blood, bloodroot, garlic. Take a Fatigue when quaffed.
  2. Too many have died before you could save them. They all blend together in your mind. Take Vigor (3 uses): Restores 1 STR per round for 3 rounds. Recipe: Monster brain, foxglove, amaranth. Take a Fatigue when quaffed.
  3. Mobs have chased you out of more villages than you can count. Take Slow (3 uses): When you kill a creature, immediately make another attack or take another action. Attacks triggered by this potion also trigger this effect. Lasts 6 rounds. Recipe: Elemental heart, mandrake, aniseed. Take a Fatigue when quaffed.
  4. Petty nobles have conspired against you. Take Harmony (3 uses): Neutralizes and grants immunity to poisons and venoms. Lasts 6 rounds. Recipe: Ghost essence, aconite, oak leaf. Take a Fatigue when quaffed.
  5. Your investigations have taken you into the dark recesses of the world. Take Heartsight (3 uses): Grants infravision for 1 turn. Recipe: Cave-creature eye, mugwort, hawkweed. Take a Fatigue when quaffed.
  6. You spent time in the fighting pits and fought your way out. Take Cruelty (3 uses): Add d6 to your Guard for 3 rounds. Recipe: Corpse-eater adrenal glands, bog myrtle, strychnine. Take a Fatigue when quaffed.

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Based on the Hexer class I made, which is deprecated.