Crewing Your Vessel

Each new group of divers that joins the open table may arrive in a new ship. Name the ship. You may also name the crew.

Roll every die (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d00, 1d12, 1d20) for the ship:

  • d4 + 2: Fuel
  • d6: Dominant Interior Texture
  • d8: Quirk
  • d10: Former purpose
  • d00: Armaments
  • d12: To whom the crew is indebted
  • d20: Dominant color

Fuel (d4)

Add d4 + 2 fuel. 1 fuel per slot.

Dominant Interior Texture (d6)

  1. Pleather
  2. Wood
  3. Chrome
  4. Rusty metal
  5. Glass
  6. Plastic

Quirk (d8)

  1. Haunted. Ship AI is a ghost (or thinks it is anyway).
  2. Host to vermin. They stick to their side of the ship and we stick to ours.
  3. Mysterious package. Leftover from the previous crew and found in a secret stash. Every scan indicates that it is toxic, dangerous, and radioactive.
  4. Overreactive thermostat. Always too hot or too cold, never in the same part of the ship.
  5. No navigation computer, just a slide rule, star chart, and book of complex calculations. Takes time to use but can’t be hacked.
  6. Arcade. Behind a panel, someone installed a full arcade.
  7. Locked door. The seller said to never open it. It doesn’t appear on the blueprints and, based on the rest of the ship’s structure, it doesn’t seem to lead anywhere.
  8. Wire bower. The wiring was done by someone who thought they knew what they were doing. Bare wires must be handled to do most day-to-day activities, like heating shower water, turning on the lights, or powering up the ship.

Former Purpose (d10)

  1. Official government ship. Repainted and numbers filed off, but the design is recognizable upon long inspection.
  2. Gishra ship. Most of the rooms used to be swimming pools.
  3. Yacht. Once a corpo-lord’s dream vessel until the owner decided to take it for a spin through an asteroid belt. Patched up and resold by a salvager.
  4. Stex ship. Furballs everywhere. Small snake tunnels retrofitted into human-sized archways.
  5. Cookie-cutter. All of the interior walls are particle board, easily splintered if run into.
  6. Junker. Built out of salvage. Roll three times on this table again and combine the different ships.
  7. Freighter. Huge but mostly empty. Stinks of oil and grease. Costs extra to dock.
  8. Custom sustainable solarpunk. All of the food and oxygen systems are from plants. Plants everywhere. The exterior is covered in solar panels. Greywater recycling. A bit cramped.
  9. Pirate vessel. Most of the compartments were used to jail hostages. Bad vibes. Exterior has menacing warpaint, interior has unsavory (but poorly drawn) murals.
  10. Party boat. Formerly a small pleasure cruise. Every room has a bar. State-of-the-art kitchen. Stage for performers.

Armaments (d00)

Weapons are from Meteor.

Most ships start with a Phased Array (d6 Short/Medium).

Phased Array (1d6 Short/Medium) A standard microwave array mounted on most ships for self defense. With a clever operator can also be used for other applications such as slicing, mining, or heating.

Add one additional weapon.

  1. Ion Cannons (1d8, Short), does not damage Hull but disables a chosen Module on Direct Damage.
  2. Forced Plasma (1d8, Short/Medium), charge to fire a dispersed salvo (1d8 blast, Short/Medium).
  3. Spinal Rail Gun (1d10, Short/Medium/Long), can only fire in the direction the ship is pointing.
  4. Grav Torpedo (1d8, Medium/Long), ignores shields but hits the turn after being fired.
  5. Auto Turret (1d6, Short), Auto Fire Mode: automatically attacks the closest hostile target. Defense Mode: +1 Armor against any incoming attacks.
  6. Mass Driver (1d10, Short/Medium), takes a turn to fire, charge to fire immediately.
  7. Nanobot Canisters (1d6, Short), if this weapon deals Direct Damage it will deal that much Direct Damage again on the following round.
  8. Superconducting Chaff (1d10, Short), does not damage Hull but prevents Shields from being restored. If fired into empty space it creates a cloud that inhibits weapon fire (+3 Armor if firing through it).
  9. Hostile Uplink (1d6, Short/Medium), if this weapon deals Direct Damage it creates a data link to that ship’s computer system allowing for hacking, data plundering, etc.
  10. Powered Missiles (1d6/1d8/1d10 at Short/Medium/Long), deals more damage the more distance it has to accelerate.

Debt (d12)

You as a crew owe 10,000 credits to an unsavory organization. You get a specialty module for your spaceship based on this.

d12 Corporation Reason for Debt Specialty Module
1 Conglomerated Tacticals You were sold into soldiery by your families. In order to be discharged, you owe money for your replacements. Inertial Dampener
2 Integrated TranspoSolutions You got a bad deal on your spaceship. After Burner
3 Associated NecroTronics You owe money for your revivification after you all died. A chemical odor (and psychological trauma) lingers, but you’re basically the same, really. Medic Bay
4 Consolidated PharmaMedicaNarcoTerror You owe the debt for a routine procedure. Cold Reaction Drives
5 DigiQual Aural Consumables You owe licensing fees for a sample. The album was a flop. Repair Bots
6 Municipal CyberBond They paid an overdue municipal fine that was gaining interest on your behalf. Cloaking Field
7 CellTheraGene You owe money for a gene therapy sale gone wrong. The genes therapies are spoiled. Smuggling Compartments
8 Prism AgriChem You were made the scapegoats in a lawsuit for a toxic agriculture chemical scandal. Displacer
9 Universal DynaCruise You ruined a magic show. Condensed Magnetic Plating
10 ProtoCommTechnic You worked at a call center and you lost a huge sale. AI Autopilot
11 Tangential FinTech You bought NFTs. Broad Spectrum High Reflection Coating
12 Integrated GamerBlastix You lost the big game and all your sponsorships. The winning team’s fee is still owed. Programmable Transponder

Refer to Meteor for Ship Rules.

Dominant Color (d20)

  1. Muted Red
  2. Bright Red
  3. Dark Blue
  4. Cyan
  5. Forest Green
  6. Neon Yellow
  7. Sandy Yellow
  8. Purple, bluer
  9. Purple, redder
  10. Orange
  11. Black
  12. White
  13. Brown
  14. Steel Gray
  15. Hot Pink
  16. Polished Chrome
  17. Sparkling Gold
  18. Turquoise
  19. Chartreuse
  20. Roll twice: In polka dots

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