You are a veteran, once oathbound to patrol the marches or fight in a distant land. Since coming home, things have changed and popular opinion has shifted. You still bear the scars and skills of your struggles and seek a new way through life.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Lantern
  • Oil can (10 uses)
  • Tarnished badge (petty)
  • Spear (d6)
  • Gambeson (1 armor, bulky)

Why did you join?

  1. You were forced to join in lieu of a prison sentence. Take a set of lockpicks and a safe house key (petty).
  2. Your family has a long tradition of serving. Take your ancestral longsword (d10, bulky). Your lifelong training allows you to parry with your longsword: You ignore damage rolls of 1 and 2 while wielding it.
  3. Born a noble, you escaped the potentially deadly machinations of your family. Take a goose-down sleeping mat (sleeps 2) you stole from home.
  4. In place of a noble’s child whose parents picked you to serve in their place. Take 30sp, a snare trap, and a grudge.
  5. You were saved by a soldier and felt inspired to join. Take a journal with drawings and stories from your journeys and a fiddle (bulky). Your stories may earn you a drink in even the most hostile of environments.
  6. When your family lost everything, you joined to avoid becoming a burden. Take extra rations (3 uses) and a brace of 6 throwing knives (d6).

What was your role?

  1. Archer. Long bow (d8, bulky), arrows (Ud8). If you are the first to attack, your bow gains the blast property for the first round.
  2. Scout. You and your trusty companion have been through everything together. Scouting horse: 4 GD 12 STR 16 DEX 4 WIL, 20 slots. It can flee combat without needing a DEX save. Name your horse.
  3. Medic. You’ve seen a lot. Take a medical kit and salve (restores 1d4 STR, 1 use).
  4. Engineer. You and your company built bridges, palisades, and siege machines. Take a scale stone. Spend a charge and place a non-living object on the scale stone. It will whisper to you the object’s composition and weight. Recharge: Suspend in midair.
  5. Orderly. You did everything for your commanding officer until their demise. Take the officer’s effects: brass officer pin (petty), ashes (petty), official stamp (petty), and a spyglass.
  6. Marine. You participated in amphibious assaults and crossed the Straits. Take an enchanted water stone. Expend a charge and place the water stone in a body of water and its point will direct you to the nearest settlement. Recharge: Put inside of a living sea creature.

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Based on the Outrider, Fletchwind, and Marchguard from Cairn 2e