You are a voyager of the whale roads in search of new adventures. The seas were cruel to you, but you and crew saw it through while you could.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Lantern
  • Oil (10 uses)
  • Rope
  • Harpoon (d8)
  • Bottle of hard liquor

How did you nearly die at sea?

  1. Kraken! Take a Kraken beak (1 charge). You may expend a charge to channel a kraken’s tempest through your body. An electrical current travels from your hand into any conducting material: creatures, water, metal, etc. This inflicts d10+d10 damage. Recharge: Tie yourself to a mast during a thunderstorm while holding it.
  2. Drowning. Salt blooms on your skin. 1/day, it can be harvested, and it makes you absolutely disgusting to anything trying to eat you. You can drink saltwater like fresh water.
  3. Raiders. Take a mail coat (1 armor, bulky), helmet (1 armor), and a reaver axe (d8).
  4. Sharks. You lost your off-hand and replaced it with a hook (d6).
  5. Sirens. The siren song never left your head. Take a tuning fork (petty, 3 charges), which you used to break the spell. Strike the tuning fork to create an extended tone that deafens all other sound for a minute. Recharge: Place in a silent space for a day.
  6. Giant jellyfish. Strange bioluminescent sting patterns criss-cross your body. You emit a dim glow. You can take a fatigue (bringing the pain of the stings to the surface) to emit a brighter glow for an hour.

What was your role on the ship?

  1. Shanty singer. You know all the best ones. You always ride free on a boat or ship.
  2. Quartermaster. Take scales, a journal, quill and ink, and extra rations (3 uses).
  3. Lookout. You can scale heights most would find terrifying. Take a spyglass.
  4. Surgeon. Take a surgeon’s bag (bulky), containing tools to treat wounds, amputate limbs, etc.
  5. Cook. Take a cleaver (d6), extra rations (3 uses), and a chicken.
  6. First mate. Take a large ship’s compass (1 burden), a box of crackers (10 uses, petty), and a parrot (3 GD 4 STR 15 DEX) who can repeat things on command and will do simple tasks for a cracker. Eats a ration a day in addition to crackers.

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Inspired by the classes in The Devil Choked On A Whale.