You live on the fringes of society, making your living by thieving. It’s hard work but honest.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Gambeson (1 armor, bulky)
  • Lockpicks
  • Twin daggers (d6+d6, bulky)
  • Black outfit (petty)

What was your last heist?

  1. A noble’s summer home. The place was full of fancy wine (take 20sp) but not much else. Take Smoke Bombs (3 uses).
  2. A bank (you were caught). You bear a brand of a criminal on your face. Take Retractable Wires.
  3. A moneylender. Someone beat you to the job, but left behind a Scroll of Arcane Eye (petty).
  4. A university. You were seen but not pursued. You still don’t know why. Take Everglue (3 use). Adheres anything together.
  5. A prison. To break out your old partners. You failed. Take grease (1 use).
  6. A temple. A Witch-Finder nearly caught you and got a good look at you. Take blinding powder (1 use).

What helps you steal?

  1. False shackles. Comfortable, realistic-looking shackles. Only you know the trick to get out of them.
  2. Gildfinger. 1 charge. A finger glove that mimics any mundane key. Recharge: bundle it with at least 500sp for a night.
  3. Vagrant’s Veil. 1 charge. Wear it to blend seamlessly into crowds, appearing as a simple pauper. Recharge: Donate the day’s winnings to the poor. Petty.
  4. Glimpse Glass. 3 charges. A monocle that lets you see through walls or other obstructions. It shatters after the last use.
  5. Catring. 3 charges. Climb up walls and fall safely. Recharge: Place the ring on a stray cat’s tail.
  6. Dueling Rapier. 3 charges. Expend a charge to compel another creature to duel you. If either of you attack another creature, your attacks are impaired. Critical Damage: Immediately make another attack. Recharge: Kill someone with the blade without them seeing you.

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Based on the Cutpurse and the Jongleur from Cairn 2e.