Hexed Witch-Finder

You have broken with the Order of Witch-Finders for dabbling in the craft. Your interactions with witchcraft have left you forever altered.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Silvered dagger (d6)
  • Crossbow (d8, bulky)
  • Crossbow bolts (Ud8)
  • Shackles

What is your best defense against witches?

  1. Flametongue. A long sword (d10, bulky) that burns hot whenever there is witchcraft or dark magic nearby. When hot, its blade may ignite flammable items.
  2. Lucky Pebble. Petty. While the pebble is clutched in your hand, you are resistant to fairy charms, including those of witches. When clutched longer than 10 minutes, the pebble becomes unbearably cold.
  3. Witch Bottles. A bottle filled with small bones, iron nails, and shells. Can be broken to counter the effects of a spell. 3 uses.
  4. Replace crossbow with 2 hand crossbows (1 burden each). These can be concealed in your sleeves.
  5. Ley Line Blindfold. Petty. Can be worn around the eyes to see ley lines, arcane sources of power, and magical creatures, which become outlined in the view.
  6. Copy Book. Use to copy a spell or magical effect used against you. Once the spell is used, it disappears from the book.

Who was the witch that cursed you and what mark do you bear forever?

  1. The Moth Witch could not find you in their lair, but the time you spent hiding in the cracks of the cottage changed you. Your skin is covered in a fine film of grey dust. You can create a cloud of dust around you 1/day (choking, obscuring). Doesn’t work if you’re wet. Take a respirator. Take a fatigue whenever you use this ability.
  2. The Blood Witch experimented on you. Your blood is green and toxic. Your eyes are green and your skin shows raised spidery blood vessels. The acidic blood inflicts 1d4 acid damage to anyone who touches it, apart from yourself. Anyone performing medicine on you must take precautions or else suffers the harm from your toxic blood.
  3. The Sea Witch tried to drown you, but you instead sank deeper to get away. Your arms and legs are finned. You can swim very quickly. You can breathe underwater. 1/day, you must quaff salt water or become deprived. Take a pitcher of salt water (3 uses).
  4. The Woods Witch encased you in the Dying Oak, but you broke out. Your skin and bones are like kindling. You are lighter and can move a bit faster than most. You are slightly more flammable.
  5. The Crow Witch tried to transform you, but it was incomplete. Your legs bend backwards. Your hair is black feathers. You may take a Fatigue to see through the eyes of a bird. Take a palliative remedy (10 uses) and its recipe (3 ingredients, petty), concocted by the Green Witch to keep your curse at bay. Missing a dose leaves you deprived. After missing 3 doses, you become a crow.
  6. The Candle Witch tried to make you into a candle. Your skin is waxy and slowly melts when near open flames. You may slough off wax-flesh to use (1 STR) and mend yourself with wax (restoring 1 STR for every STR lost in this way).

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Inspired by the Witch Hunter by Monstergarden.