You practice the secret art of clockmaking, forbidden by the Church since accurate time-keeping is the purview of God.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Lantern
  • Oil can (10 uses)
  • Clockwork repairing tools
  • Brass pendulum (d6)

How did you learn clockmaking?

  1. A book written by a heretical monk. Take the book, which details how to construct clocks, culminating with a major project, an astrolabe.
  2. Passed down to you by your grandmother, the Time Witch. Take a clockwork key (petty). Stick into a wall to create a door into an extra-dimensional white void that extends infinitely, containing only a door (with the clockwork key stuck into it) and a 48-hour hourglass. No time passes outside of the void. Leaving the void stops the hourglass. Once the sand runs down, the clockwork key crumbles into dust, whether you are on the other side of the door or not.
  3. Divine revelation. Take a blessed quartz stone. It can power dormant mechanisms, magical or otherwise, but is used up once used this way. Light shone through it is tripled.
  4. Studied at a school on the Continent. Take your professor’s theoretical notes (petty) for building a difference engine. The mechanisms require highly specialized parts and not all of the calculations are complete. You recovered the notes after the Church’s army destroyed the school.
  5. Reverse-engineering an ancient clockwork you discovered in a midden pile. Take the metal detector (bulky) you used to search for junk.
  6. Observing the stars. You have also learned how to navigate by the stars as a consequence. Take a telescope (bulky).

What is your finest work?

  1. Clockwork swarm. Contained in an elaborately designed box. 10 small clockwork bugs that can perform fine motor tasks for 10 minutes. After performing a task, the bugs must be rewound individually oiled.
  2. Clockwork weapon. Inflicts d6 damage and can change form as an action.
  3. Clockwork construct. 2 GD, 2 Armor, 16 STR, 6 DEX, 6 CTRL, d8 bash. Non-sentient. Requires explicit instructions to act. Requires repair after taking Critical Damage. If destroyed (brought to 0 STR), must rebuilt with specialty parts. Has a powerful bashing attack along with the ability to use fine tools.
  4. Delay timer (1 charge). Large clock that can be affixed to a grimoire, spell scroll, device, or relic to delay its effect by up to 24 hours. Recharge: Let the remaining time run down.
  5. Music box. A complex programmable music box that can play up to an hour of any sound. Must be oiled before every use.
  6. Clockwork suit. Bulky. 2 armor, covers head. When taking Critical Damage, roll 1d6. On a 1, the suit requires repair.

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