You work with the written word, whether in the archives, at a bookstore, or as a scribe. But you discover and take mysteries in the works you find.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Quill & Ink
  • Blank Book
  • Awl (d6)

What work did you take for yourself?

  1. The Wild Tongue. A bundle of leather-bound scrolls. A seminal work, cataloging the hidden languages of beasts, and how to understand them.
  2. The Silent Symphony. Bound in fluorescent wrap. Very rare, it chronicles the subtle signs used by those employing faerie magic.
  3. The Star Waltz. A comet-shaped clasp embracing a fine leather cover. Detailed astronomical charts, celestial movements, and stellar festivals. Highly valued (100sp) for its usefulness to travelers.
  4. The Cathedral and the Canopy. Large-leaf binding over vellum. Nominally a children’s storybook, the margins detail information about traveling, eating, and sleeping in Dolmenwood.
  5. Garden of Glass. Bound in the cover of another book. A heretical work, it describes the materials, procedures, and optimal locations to build a Waypoint.
  6. A Treatise on the Abyss. A non-descript black book. An in-depth, largely theoretical text describing the denizens of the underworld.

How do you steal sensitive information?

  1. Fib Ink. Glows when used to write true statements, but fades if used to write false ones.
  2. Cipher Stone. A pair of sharp black stones. Decrypts any message written by the other.
  3. Everquill. A quill that writes on any surface. You still need ink. Petty.
  4. Whisper Vial. Whisper a message into the vial and it will play back to whomever opens it next.
  5. Voyeur’s Syringe. Extracts blood from a target without their knowledge. A stolen drop placed on the eye reveals memories from the past day.
  6. Echo Leaf. A blank parchment. Whomever unfurls it sees their actions of the day slowly revealed in a tight scrawl. Petty.

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Based on the Scrivener from Cairn 2e