You have traveled the world and seen many wondrous things people at home don’t believe. Your pilgrimage may have been for many reasons, like religion, curiosity, or boredom.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Pilgrim’s Staff (d6, bulky)
  • Journal with notes and information on the places you have visited.
  • Pouch with exotic seashells (petty)

What did souvenir did you pick up along your travels?

  1. An antique map (petty) that seems to re-draw itself each morning. It indicates a new source of magic or rare energy near you.
  2. A palm frond from the Holy City. You may cast Ward once a day. Recharge: Wash in running water.
  3. A compass (petty) that points to the nearest holy shrine.
  4. A well-worn and patched storm cloak (1 armor). It repels water.
  5. A coin (petty) that displays the faces of the Deathless One, the multi-bodied emperor of Mineos. They gave it to you themselves.
  6. A page (petty) with the writings of an obscure holy man, written of only in footnotes. The script is completely foreign to you and thus far no one else has recognized it. It must contain a great secret.

What was your destination and what did you get there?

  1. The Godsbody, the calcified body of a god that fell on a mountain. Take a jug of god ichor (3 uses). When applied to a weapon, it inflicts enhanced damage to entities foreign to the mortal world, such as demons and fairies. On Critical Damage, the target must make a CTRL save or be banished to their world.
  2. A gateway into the Land of the Dead. Take a canteen of lethe-water (10 uses). Removes the memory of the day. Drinking all 10 doses at once wipes the drinker’s memory completely.
  3. An island floating in the clouds. Cloud giant ruins litter the landscape. You recovered a bundle of fool-feathers from an abandoned birds’ nest. Hold them in two hands and flap your arms to slow your descent as you fall. Recharge: Place in a bird’s nest until dawn.
  4. An endless expanse that was nearly your doom. On the other side of it was said to be the place where humanity was created, but you never arrived. The grains of sand that collected in your shoes became silver dust, which you carry in a pouch (petty).
  5. The wellspring where magic was said to have sprung forth. Its waters were putrid and the location packed with tourists. The food stall vendors sold you honeyed locusts (3 to a slot, recover 1d4 STR).
  6. The Furnace of Hell, an active volcano that is said to lead down to the place where the world was created. Take a pair of sun goggles (petty) that protect you from blinding light.

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Based on the Pilgrim by Dulac3