You walk the mortal world in your estray humanoid cat form, though you can shift into your house cat form at will, as long as no one is looking. Grimalkins come from Faerie, but many prowl the towns in Brackenwold.

  • After maturity, you do not age.
  • You are immune to non-magical maladies.
  • Attacks against you using cold iron or silver are enhanced.
  • You are shorter than the average human.
  • You can turn into a domestic house-cat at will (chester form), though eating live rats incurs a 10% chance of spontaneously transforming into chester. While in chester, you can understand languages but not speak them and you can only change out of chester while unobserved and after abstaining from eating live rats for a day.
  • You may turn into a vicious predator cat (wilder) when you suffer STR damage in lethal combat and survive your Critical Damage save. Your stats remain the same but you restore all Guard, gain a d8+d8 claw attack, and become nearly invisible (impairing attacks against you), but you can no longer distinguish friend from foe. Transformation requires a full round. Transformation back into estray is more difficult and requires taming and calming the grimalkin down over the course of a full watch.
  • You can survive on raw meat.

What did you bring from Faerie?

  1. Fairy Cake (10 slices). Any mortal eating a slice will crave it until they eat another. While not eating it, they are deprived.
  2. Fairy dust. When thrown, the glittering dust suspended in the air reveals invisible objects and creatures. 1 use.
  3. Lucky Bell. If the wearer of this bell fails a Critical Damage roll, they pass it instead, letting out a deafening ringing that can be heard miles. 1 use.
  4. Mouse-pipes. Playing a tune on these pipes will lure mice from any direction.
  5. Pipeweed and an elegant pipe (petty). Conversations flow easier and more calmly while you are smoking. 3 uses.
  6. House-seed. Plant in the ground to sprout a luxurious shelter, complete with a box for you to sleep in. Collapses when the moon next rises. 1 use.

If you came from Character Creation, roll 1d20 for a background (below) or choose the Adventurer background.

  1. Alchemist
  2. Barber-Surgeon
  3. Bookworm
  4. Chef
  5. Clockmaker
  6. Cunning Folk
  7. Re-roll
  8. Re-roll
  9. Grove Keeper
  10. Re-roll
  11. Mariner
  12. Metalsmith
  13. Re-roll
  14. Pilgrim
  15. Poison-Eater
  16. Tailor
  17. Troubadour
  18. Varlet
  19. Veteran
  20. Woods Warden

From Gavin Norman’s Dolmenwood.