Tales from near and far make up your repertoire. The song in your heart is your most trusted companion on the road.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Dagger (d6)
  • Crossbow (d8, bulky)
  • Crossbow bolts (Ud8)
  • Brigandine (coat, 1 armor, bulky)

What are you best known for?

  1. The Tinker’s Two-Step. A humorous fairy tale about a gift-giving traveler. Start with a Fiddle. Anyone in earshot must pass a CTRL save to perform an act of violence.
  2. The Sylph and Her Lover. A bawdy tale of lost love. Start with a Hand Drum and a Breeze Knot (3 charges). Creates a strong breeze. Recharge: Tie it to a mast during a storm.
  3. Harper’s Devotion. A sad, short tale about a musician that falls in love with a star. Start with a Celestial Hurdy-Gurdy. Reveals the constellations above, no matter the weather.
  4. The Reed Fisher. A celebrated song about a massive carp that always seems to get away. Begin with a spool of River Twine (3 uses). Each dip into the river guarantees a catch, though it might not be pleasant.
  5. Song of the Silver Stream. A wordless lullaby that mimics flowing water. Take a Pan Flute that can calm almost any river.
  6. The Thrush and the Meadow. A moody tale told in alternating chorus. Start with a Feather Quill (1 use, petty). A map drawn with this quill reveals the most expedient course between any two points.

How do you get out of trouble when you’ve worn out your welcome?

  1. Fancy footwork. Take a rapier (d8).
  2. Dumb luck. Charm bracelet (petty). 3 bells (charges) remaining out of 7. Jingle a bell to encourage coincidences to happen in your favor: Whenever a fate die could be rolled, it always rolls in the PCs’ favor.
  3. Do you know who I am? Take documents (petty) declaring your pedigree or high status in society. Forged or not, up to you.
  4. Swing on chandeliers, climb out windows, whatever it takes. Take a rope and a grappling hook.
  5. Blend in and sneak out the back way. Take a disguise kit.
  6. No one can turn down your challenge. You are a master of flyting, senna, the dozens, etc. In a verbal quarrel, you can stave off any physical confrontation by winning a match of insults.

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Based on the Rill Runner from Cairn 2e.