Space suits have oxygen storage ratings up to 6 which represent how much breathable oxygen they contain.

A space suit takes 1 turn to fill while in a breathable pressurized environment, or instantly by using an oxygen tank (1 burden slot).


When relying on your suit to breath, consume 1 oxygen per turn.

When suffering damage to your suit, the suit loses oxygen for each point of damage taken. Suits self-repair (preventing further leaking).

Running Out

If you run out of oxygen or cannot breathe for whatever reason, you immediately panic (without a saving throw), meaning you go to 0 Guard and all your attacks are impaired.

While without oxygen, you suffer 1 Strength damage per round until you reach a breathable environment.

Holding Your Breath

You can hold your breath to avoid the effects of running out of oxygen by adding 1 Fatigue to your burden per round.