You create magnificent garments, aided by your mystical tools of the trade.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Lantern
  • Oil can (10 uses)
  • Scissors (d6)
  • Mending kit
  • Awl (petty)

What article of clothing is your greatest work?

  1. Ironsilk gloves. Protects the user from any acid, heat, cold, spikes, etc. that may get on the gloves.
  2. Ringfiber overcoat. Acts as a coat layer of armor, dense and flexible (1 armor).
  3. Illusory shawl. 1 charge. Can display any image with realistic detail. The illusion is broken when touched. Recharge: Drape over a painting.
  4. Obscuring hat. Anything placed in the hat becomes invisible. Can be used to hold things that a bucket could without damaging the hat.
  5. Hover boots. Allows the wearer to briefly hover over gaps or difficult terrain.
  6. Lucky socks (petty, 2 charges, 1 per sock). Whenever a die rolls, expend a charge to make the result the maximum or minimum on the die. The socks are always dry when charged. Recharge: Fill the sock with gold (consumes the gold).

What mystical tools do you use in your craft?

  1. Spool of invisible thread. The thread is made of a fine silver and very durable, only you know the secret for cutting it easily, though it can be brute forced.
  2. Fancy Ribbon (3 charges). Tie around a creature wearing clothing to change their clothing (the ribbon is still visible). The illusion is broken if the ribbon is removed. Recharge: Tie it in someone’s hair.
  3. Pincushion with pins (10 pins). The pins absorb substances and can be safely placed in the pincushion without affecting it.
  4. Mimic pattern book (10 uses). The book instantly draws a pattern (diagram for creating an article of clothing along with instructions) for an outfit when pointed at someone for a turn, including armor. The drawings cannot be erased.
  5. Dress form (bulky). Bobs up and down and spins around on command. 1 charge. Expend the charge to have the dress form completely duplicate the appearance of another person. Recharge: Dress it in clothes you have created yourself.
  6. Measuring tape. 60 feet long. Unrolls and retracts on command. Can be cut up and rejoined magically.

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