Grove Keeper

You come from a long tradition of Grove Keepers. The Wilderness trusts you–to a point–since you have a symbiotic relationship with it.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Shears (d6)
  • Sling (d6)
  • Stones (Ud8)
  • Healing salve (heals 1d4 STR, 1 use)

What helps you tend your groves?

  1. Wildfires. You have burn scars. Take 3 heat orbs. An orb can be used to absorb flames, becoming warm to the touch. At high impact, a warm orb bursts into flames.
  2. Fireflies. Take a lure-jar full of fireflies. They emit a glow and require food to survive. The lure-jar, when empty, lures insects into it.
  3. Dirt construct (with a ginger root core). Small, up to your knees. Can be seeded and harvested from once a week. 4 GD, 8 STR 4 DEX 12 CTRL, Punch (d6). It follows simple instructions. Give it a name. Resummon: Shape dirt around the ginger root core and wait for a week.
  4. Bees! Take a portable hive (bulky) and a smoker (3 uses, calms bees).
  5. Water. Take a cloud staff (d6 as staff, 3 charges). 1 charge to summon a raincloud for an hour. 3 charges to summon a lightning bolt (d10+d10 blast). Recharge: Collect non-magical rainwater in the staff’s gourd and drink from it.
  6. Animal sacrifice. Take a bloody ritual knife (d6) from your predecessor. On Critical Damage, its next attack becomes enhanced from contact with blood.

What mysteries has the wilderness revealed to you?

  1. Shieldcap. Colorful, bouncy edible shield (1 armor, does not grant extra damage). Can also be eaten as rations (3 uses). Bland flavor. If two-thirds are eaten, it no longer acts like a shield.
  2. Bloodshrooms (3 uses). Eat and enter a rage. Your attacks are enhanced and you recover 1d4 Guard when you inflict Critical Damage or kill a target.
  3. Silk Moth Shawl. A weatherproof blanket, it can also douse a fire without being damaged.
  4. Woundseeds (petty, 3 uses). Plant in a wound and heal 1d6 STR. If the plant that grows from it is ever destroyed, the host suffers 1d6 STR damage.
  5. Murderous Truffle. Pungent, highly toxic, and very rare (worth 100sp to assassins). Illegal pretty much everywhere. 1 use.
  6. Feycrown. A circlet adorned with flowers that never wilt. On taking Critical Damage, the flowers dissolve into dust, but you act as if your save succeeded (STR loss still occurs).

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Based on the Greenwise, Fungal Forager, and Field Warden from Cairn 2e.