Woods Warden

You roam the wilderness, hunting the monsters and evil that corrupt it. You never feel fully at home anywhere, your feet in two worlds.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Rope
  • Short bow (d6)
  • Arrows (Ud8)
  • Repellent (choose an animal, 10 uses)
  • Bark armor (body, 1 armor, bulky)

How do you track your quarry?

  1. Studying them carefully. You can learn about a monster by studying their movements and traces. Take boots that leave no trace.
  2. Strongly-scented arrows (10 uses). The scent is powerful enough to track with ease.
  3. Being pulled to them. Take two pull-stones. Two jet-black stones. When separated, the stones will always roll in the direction of the other.
  4. A faithful companion. Hunting dog, 3 GD, 4 STR, 12 DEX, 8 CTRL, bite (d6).
  5. Asking around. Take an ancient fairy finger-bone. When pressed to your throat, you can communicate with animals and you can understand them (3 charges). Recharge: Bury in a fairy circle.
  6. Feats of engineering. Take a bear trap (bulky).

What got the better of you?

  1. A pack of wolves. Take a de-scenting tarp (1 charge). Suppresses the smell of anything or anyone on the tarp for a watch. Recharge: Wash, hang to dry.
  2. A sentient grove, entangling you in its grasp. You managed to escape and learn its weakness: fire. Take a quick-flame rod and an oil can (10 uses).
  3. Poachers. You were outnumbered, but somehow managed to scare most of them off. Pick one of your weapons. Your attacks with that weapon have +d6.
  4. An ancient antler-devil. Easier to stay out of its way. Take a fey-cloak. While wearing it and standing still, you blend into forests, caves, and other natural environments.
  5. A rolling blight. You nearly starved that summer, but it made you more resourceful. When you forage or hunt, your yield dice is stepped up by 1 (1 becomes 1d4, 1d4 becomes 1d6, etc). Take a mortar and pestle.
  6. A pack of wolves that were allergic to silver. Now you’re allergic too. You can transform into a werewolf: 8 GD, 15 STR, 14 DEX, claws (d6+d6) or bite (d8). Your CTRL remains the same. You can turn at will (once per day) but must make a CTRL save to revert. Anyone left alive from your attacks must make a CTRL save to avoid infection.

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Based on the Marchguard, Fieldwarden, and Beast Handler from Cairn 2e.