Exchanged for a swapling, you were raised by the faeries but never as an equal. You escaped and now find yourself changed in a world that was stolen from you.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Salt pouch
  • 25 feet of silken elf-rope (tug to undo any complex knot)
  • Cold iron dagger (d6)

Who kidnapped you and raised you, and what did you take from them?

  1. The Redcomb, a wicked general who combs blood through his hair. When you inflict STR damage in combat against a creature with blood, you enter bloodlust for the duration of combat. All attacks against bleeding creatures are enhanced, but all other attacks are impaired. All blood you draw stains your hands permanently.
  2. The Drowner, a shapeshifter who changes between a beautiful human, a horse, and glowing lights. You become invisible while submerged in water.
  3. The Gloam Mother, eater of dreams, harbinger of darkness. 1/night, you can enter a creature’s dreams and alter them. They can find you, but cannot see how you alter the dream.
  4. The Erlking, leader of the Wild Hunt. Spectral sword (d8, petty). You know how to ride a horse.
  5. The Lady of Revels, leader of the Endless Revelry. You cannot get intoxicated from drink or drugs and resist toxins.
  6. The Grasping Briar, watcher in the woods. Your non-dominant arm was replaced by a vine that extends twice as far as your other arm. It can be replaced by another vine or tree-harvested appendage if lost.

What did steal when you escaped from Faerie?

  1. A lucky everbloom flower (1 charge). You can push your luck. Expend a charge when the fate die rolls 3 or less and you may add another d6 to the result. As usual, 4-6 is a positive result. However, on a 7+, a horrible twist of fate occurs. Recharge: Plant in a garden without the owner knowing.
  2. Your caul, stolen back. If stretched over the head of a creature who has died just moments ago, they will return to life. 1 use.
  3. An enchanted rowan berry necklace (petty). Negates any faerie magic. 3 uses.
  4. A pair of gnome-cobbled shoes (1 charge). Protects you from any forced movement. 1/day, move twice as fast and jump twice as long and far as a normal human. Recharge: Leave in a tree hollow overnight.
  5. An extra shadow (1 charge). Expend a charge to detach your extra shadow, which can fully impersonate you. The shadow dissolves when it touches someone. Recharge: Stare into a mirror for a watch.
  6. Pouch of 300 coins of fairy gold. They disappear once they are removed from the pouch.

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