Open Table

This campaign is designed to be an open table. There will be a single set of maps with various quest hooks, magical objects, monsters, factions, foes, allies, etc. There is not a single planned narrative. The narrative will emerge from our gameplay based on what we decide is most important and interesting.

We’ll have multiple players, any of whom can show up and play.

Real Time

Within reason, in-game time and between-session time will match up. Meaning when a week passes in real life between sessions, a week should ideally pass in-game. This will not always be the case depending on certain situations. For this reason, players are encouraged to keep a roster and to end sessions in a safe location.

Edge Cases

To resolve potential issues, PCs in the middle of an adventure are "locked down."

For example, if Party A makes an expedition to a location that takes 2 weeks to get to, Party B in the next session starts their expedition the day after Party A departed (so that Party B doesn't just lose 2 weeks). However, this means that the PCs in Party A are locked down and can't join Party B since they are asynchronous to one another.

If this doesn't make sense, don't worry about it. I'll explain it again if it comes up.


Start with 1 character, but your roster may expand depending on need. For example, if your character is locked down in Party A, your other character can join Party B on another expedition. Just try not to go to the same place. As another example, if your character wouldn’t go on a certain adventure or adventure with a certain party due to conflicting interests, choose or generate another.

Session Timing

Ideally we’ll have a regular meeting time, but players can also sponsor expeditions by wrangling players and the referee to play a game.

Return to Home by the End of Session

Make sure your adventuring party ends the session in a safe location. This may also include a camp. This will simplify having a lot of players coming in and out.

Multiple Referees

There are implied locations on the map that are left undefined, such as the remainder of the Isle of Isurholm, including the Myrdoom, the rest of the Kingdom of Gewisse, and the Aegerlaw; the lands of the Continent including Hoppland, Ambrine, Attaland, and Karseland; and the Golden Gulf, which is where the Argot and Meretesk campaigns were/are set in the distance past. If you would like to run an adventure in one of these regions, please let me know and we can discuss it.