Character Creation

  1. Grab a character sheet here (external link). Print 2-sided on the short edge. It can be folded as a pamphlet. Hirelings, retainers, pets, and mounts can be tracked with these smaller cards (external link).
  2. Go to the Character Generator, which will make you a character with a kindred and background with everything calculated for you. You just have to fill in the sheet. I worked hard on it, so don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.
  3. Read Communication Tools and fill out the RPG safety checklist.

The longer way

  1. Roll ability scores, starting silver, guard, language points, age, and kindred below. There are buttons to automate it all for you.
  2. From your selected Kindred page, learn more about yourself and get a background.
  3. From your selected background page, answer 2 questions about yourself.
  4. Roll your traits.

You may roll each of these per the instructions. Write them down on your character sheet as you go. Anything that seems like an item is added to your burden. Things that are bulky take up 2 slots. Things that are petty take up no slots.

Ability Scores, Silver, Guard, and Language Points

Language Points

I want to do all the math myself

Roll 3d6, arrange them, and assign A, B, and C to them.

  1. Strength = 10 + A - B
  2. Dexterity = 10 + B - C
  3. Control = 10 + C - A
  4. Silver = 21 - (A + B + C)
  5. Guard = (A + B + C) / 3 (round to nearest)
  6. Language Points = Silver / 5 (round to nearest)
Why did you do it this way?

I know it seems like a lot but I wanted some bounds on ability scores so characters won't feel too overpowered or underpowered.

Your Strength, Dexterity, and Control add up to 30 points total. Your Guard, always a range of 1-6, skews more toward 2-5 on average. When you start with a lower Guard, your starting silver and language points are higher.

What are Language Points?

Language points are spent to become conversant or literate in a language. All characters start with being conversant in Woldish.

Language points may be held in reserve until relevant in the game. Language points should be used on languages that it would be reasonable for your character to know. You can’t know the Undying Tongue of Fairy on a whim. You would need a good reason for it.

Note: Language points must still be spent on kindred languages even if you are part of that kindred since ancestry does not presuppose known language since it is possible for an individual to not know the languages of their forebears.


Roll 2d20 + 14 to get your age.

Ages and Maturity: All of the kindreds mature at the rate of humans. The faerie kindreds (swaplings and grimalkin) do as well, but they are not affected by aging and non-magical disease and can live long lives.

In case you don’t want to roll that, you can push this button:




All of the names and surnames are on this google sheet. (There are 2 tabs.)

Names spreadsheet (opens google doc)


Portraits of each of the kindreds

Roll 1d20 for your Kindred.

Mixed ancestries: A character may also be of a mixed kindred. Any combination works fine, but it is recommended to take just one of the main powers of a background.

d20 Kindred
1-9 Human
10-14 Breggle
15 Mossling
16 Dwarf
17 Frogling
18 Woodgrue
19 Swapling
20 Grimalkin

Or press this button!


For the next step, select the link to your Kindred.

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