Magical Items

  • Weapons: Weapons with magical properties. Note that weapons of different materials (silver, gold, obsidian) are not magical unless specified to be magical.
  • Focuses: Wands, rods, staffs used to improve spell-casting. You may only wield one of these at a time.
  • Objects of Power: Items with magical effects.
  • Wards: Wards with protective magical abilities.
  • Spells: Written, carved, or observed in objects like vials of water, strips of bark, runestones, tablets, books, and so on. The object is required to be carried or the spell diagrams written somewhere. Each spell takes up an inventory slot, even if multiple spells are inscribed into a single object.


Spells are cast from written words and diagrams, thereby removing the need for tracking separate spell slots. Spells take up item slots and must be used with two hands when cast, unless wielding a focus in another hand.


Wards may be broken to

  • counterspell
  • to end the ongoing effect of a spell
  • nullify a mishap

Starting wards are very simple, likely made by the character, local religious figures, wise folks, or stumbled upon.

Starting Wards

When creating a heretic with a ward, roll on the table below to determine what form the ward takes and how the heretic came across it.

d12 The object and how it was found
1 A bundle of herbs that never wither, picked from a sacred grove
2 A chain with a wedding ring from a happy marriage, given willingly
3 A coal that is always warm to the touch, found on the pyre of a dead heretic
4 A coin placed over an eye of a heretic who awoke from the dead, found at their burial plot
5 A doll made of straw, given as a gift
6 A finger bone of a wise healer in the wilderness, given willingly
7 A hag stone found washed up on a shore
8 A lock that cannot be opened, given willingly by a thief
9 A scapular of a forgotten saint found at a place of worship
10 A seed found in a dead and salted land
11 A tiny bell given willingly by a traveling stranger
12 A vial of holy water blessed by a monastic


Magical focuses, such as orbs, wands, or staves, may grant special powers. Generally, a focus grants a magic die that cannot be lost due to spellburn.

Focuses can also make casting Wild Magic safer. Casting a specific effect using wild magic and a focus may result in that new magical effect inhabiting the focus and becoming a spell. The player and referee may work together to create a new spell.

Starting Focuses

When creating a heretic with a focus, roll on the table below to determine what form the focus takes and how the heretic came across it. Each of these focuses provides 1 magic die.

d12 The object and its origin
1 Orb created by a giant clam
2 Orb made from the crystalized eyeball of an unknown monster
3 Orb of amber containing a fang from an unknown monster
4 Orb of obsidian from the heart of a volcano
5 Staff carved from a tree branch struck by lightning
6 Staff carved from the thigh bone of a fossilized monster
7 Staff of coral from a merfolk garden
8 Staff of driftwood that washed ashore from the underworld
9 Wand carved from a stake that killed a vampire
10 Wand carved from the rib of a forgotten saint
11 Wand carved from the wooden spoon of a witch
12 Wand of antler of an elk who has visited Faerie