You are carpeted with patterns of fungi, mold, moss, and plants across your gnarled, woody, fertile flesh. Mosslings hail from deep within the fungal forests of Dolmenwood.

  • You are shorter than the average human.
  • Wearing metal body armor inhibits your symbiotic growth from being used. Any background armor can be replaced with equivalent non-metal armor.

What symbiotic growth lives on you? (Takes up a permanent burden slot. Growths restore overnight, unless deprived.)

  1. Glowmoss: 1/day, you may scratch a patch of it to cast a dim bioluminescent light.
  2. Hopcap: Bouncy inedible mushrooms, harvestable 1/day.
  3. Sensevines: Thin vines can be used to creep through cracks and sense everything but sight and sound 1/day. Shriveled while deprived.
  4. Yellowmusk: A network of yellow mushroom growth makes you immune to toxins. Withered while deprived, and you become susceptible to toxins.
  5. Tree arm: Hooked branch or root that can be broken off 1/day as an improvised tool. Desiccated while deprived and unusable.
  6. Slimeskin: You are very slippery. Dried out while deprived.

If you came from Character Creation, roll 1d20 for a background (below) or choose the Adventurer background.

  1. Alchemist
  2. Re-roll
  3. Bookworm
  4. Chef
  5. Re-roll
  6. Cunning Folk
  7. Exorcist
  8. Re-roll
  9. Grove Keeper
  10. Hexed Witch-Finder
  11. Mariner
  12. Re-roll
  13. Monastic
  14. Pilgrim
  15. Poison-Eater
  16. Tailor
  17. Troubadour
  18. Varlet
  19. Veteran
  20. Woods Warden

From Gavin Norman’s Dolmenwood.