Your froggy ancestors stood up on two feet and never came back down. Froglings originate from across the Isuri Channel in Hoppland, a former swamp and salty sea reclaimed as farmland, and on the Hameth River Delta where the first frogling communities settled on Isurholm.

  • You are shorter than the average human
  • You can swim as easily as you can walk
  • You can hold your breath for up to an hour
  • You can leap twice as far and high as a human

What comforts did you bring from home?

  1. Giant lily pad (bulky). Unfurl as a bedroll. Floats. Supports two without sinking.
  2. Honeyed flies, a delicacy, as rations (3 uses).
  3. Kettle. Pouch of mud coffee (3 uses). Removes a Fatigue when drunk.
  4. Fishing rod. Tackle. Increase yield from fishing by 1 step.
  5. Sketchpad. Pencil (petty). Your renderings are uncanny.
  6. Banjo (bulky). You are quick to learn a song.

If you came from Character Creation, roll 1d20 for a background (below) or choose the Adventurer background.

  1. Alchemist
  2. Barber-Surgeon
  3. Bookworm
  4. Chef
  5. Clockmaker
  6. Cunning Folk
  7. Exorcist
  8. Re-roll
  9. Grove Keeper
  10. Hexed Witch-Finder
  11. Mariner
  12. Metalsmith
  13. Monastic
  14. Pilgrim
  15. Poison-Eater
  16. Tailor
  17. Troubadour
  18. Varlet
  19. Veteran
  20. Woods Warden

From Miranda Elkins’s Nightwick Abbey.