You were once a member of the Order of Exorcists, an investigator, a healer, wrangler of the demonic, and wielder of divine power. Though you left the order, you know well the dangers and horrors of demons and unholy.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torches (3 uses)
  • Censer (d6)
  • Holy symbol (Turn undead (3 charges): weak undead must move away while stronger undead make a CTRL save. Very strong undead are immune. Recharge: A watch spent in prayer.)
  • Jug of holy water (10 uses)

What tool is invaluable in exorcising demons?

  1. Cold iron chains (bulky). The chains glow white-hot when touching an outside presence or a possessed creature.
  2. Remove curse (as spell (petty), in Prayer Book (Grimoire, bulky)).
  3. Holy Flame (as spell (petty), in Prayer Book (Grimoire, bulky)). A bright flame that is cool to the touch, but inflicts burns on outsiders like demons and fairies.
  4. Your hands. You can take 1 fatigue to lay on hands and heal 1d4 STR. Take gloves (petty).
  5. Anointing oil. Protects a creature from possession or control from any outside influence for a day. 3 uses.
  6. Heart Swap (as spell (petty), in Prayer Book (Grimoire, bulky)). Remove up to {dice} STR from yourself to heal another creature up to the same number.

What was your last case before you were forced out of the order?

  1. A noble’s teenage child. It was successful, but it uncovered a trend among the teens making pacts with a devil-witch. Take herbs (3 uses) you took from the witch. They can be burned (for example, in the censer) to ward off undead and demons.
  2. Your sibling. Take a long sword (d10, bulky) wielded by the executioner you killed to save your sibling after the failed exorcism.
  3. A crime lord. Cursed by a traitor inside the organization. Take a mail coat (1 armor, bulky) and gambeson (1 armor, bulky) you brought to protect yourself. These can be layered.
  4. The Archbishop. You uncovered that he summoned the demon himself to control it. Take a stack of documents, indicating a vast conspiracy.
  5. A false possession. You were set up to condemn a patsy by a demon disguised as a priest, who escaped. Take a coal from the patsy’s pyre that they told you to take in a vision. It glows hot in the presence of magic.
  6. An Elf-lord. It was successful. The expelled demon now inhabits a mandrake root you have with you. It’s not friendly, but 1/day, you can invoke its powers to cast Levitate, Immolation (d10+d10, fire, spreads), or Inflict Visions (CTRL save or suffer visions chosen by the wielder). Recharge: Converse with the demon for a watch. Starts with no charges.

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