You are known by the smell of molten metal and the jingle of tin. You are not a mere merchant, but an artisan of fire and metal.

  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Pincers
  • Roll of Tin
  • Gloves (petty)
  • Hammer (d6)

What is your trade?

  1. You build small contraptions for local guilds (and don’t ask too many questions). Take an extra 40sp and a wanted poster with your face on it. Given time and materials, you can open almost any door or vault.
  2. You deal in home goods and tools, hawking your wares to townspeople across the lands. Take an extra 20sp and 1 extra language point.
  3. You were a military smelter, before peace destroyed your livelihood. Take a smelting hammer (d10, bulky) and a tin helm (1 Armor). Given time and adequate materials, you can repair armor.
  4. You sell rare and quality items to monasteries and nobles alike. Take a Spyglass, a Necklace (petty) worth 20sp, and a Scroll of Mirrorwalk (petty). Mirrorwalk: A mirror becomes a gateway to another mirror that you looked into today.
  5. You offer protection as a service, quietly watching for threats as money exchanges hands. You carry a Long Sword (d10, bulky) and Brigandine (1 Armor, bulky).
  6. You scavenge raw tin and iron from battlefields, pulling teeth from still-twitching corpses. Start with a Donkey (4 slots), a Crossbow (d8 damage, bulky), Crossbow bolts (Ud8), and a Saw (d6).

What never fails to get you out of trouble?

  1. Fire eggs. Six small pellets made of sea salt, wood, and crockery-dust. They explode at low heat (d8, blast) but dissipate quickly.
  2. Black tar. Versatile: both sticky and highly flammable. 3 uses.
  3. Spiked boots. Cracks heads (d8) as easily as it does ice and muck. Travel is also a bit slower, but easier.
  4. Tinker’s paste. Seals shut any fist-sized opening. 3 uses.
  5. Fireworks. A dazzling, albeit dangerous display. Enough explosive material to blow off a finger or three. 3 uses.
  6. Miner’s grease. Great for dislodging gems, tools, or limbs from a tight space. Highly explosive. 3 uses.

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Based on Kettlewright from Cairn 2e