You are a goat-headed breggle with short horns. Honoring your ancestors was instilled in you. Breggles on Isurholm mostly hail from the High Wold in Dolmenwood in the Duchy of Brackenwold, a two-tiered class system of shorthorn commoners and longhorn nobility. Some tribal breggles still live in the mountains of the Myrdoom without a horn-based class division.

What goat-gift presents itself in you?

  1. Powerful horns. Head-butting with your horns inflicts d6 damage.
  2. Gaze. 1/day, you may concentrate your gaze on a Human or Breggle shorthorn. The target must make a CTRL save or be charmed (unable to harm the gazer) for as long as the gazer maintains gaze without doing anything else (reducing the gazer to 0 Guard).
  3. Thick fur. Treat your fur as 1 armor while not wearing any body armor.
  4. Iron stomach. For a day, you can subsist off of inorganic material without becoming deprived. Another day in a row of doing so makes you deprived.
  5. Perfect balance. You can scale and balance on things that most would require special gear for.
  6. Powerful bite. Your bite inflicts d6 damage.

If you came from Character Creation, roll 1d20 for a background (below) or choose the Adventurer background.

  1. Alchemist
  2. Barber-Surgeon
  3. Bookworm
  4. Chef
  5. Clockmaker
  6. Cunning Folk
  7. Exorcist
  8. Re-roll
  9. Grove Keeper
  10. Hexed Witch-Finder
  11. Mariner
  12. Metalsmith
  13. Monastic
  14. Pilgrim
  15. Poison-Eater
  16. Tailor
  17. Troubadour
  18. Varlet
  19. Veteran
  20. Woods Warden

From Gavin Norman’s Dolmenwood.